Girl Gets Her Head Cut Off For Cheating On Her Husband! http://www.bestgore.com/beheading/decapitated-woman-mexico-fastest-mexican-beheading-tape/ Head Cut O…
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I hope to enlighten some Youtubers and help with relationship tips This is for the socially awkward , shy , stupid , dumb or plain people out there who need …

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217 Responses to “HEAD CUT OFF FOR CHEATING: Guy Cuts His Wifes Head Off (REACTION)”

  1. baldy eire Reply

    My wife and I have been together for 6 years…I am 23 and she is 22 we have a beautiful baby boy..hes 10 months… well here we go ….I thought everything was going good…but I was wrong….everything seemed fine to me…She threw the idea up there that she would be ok with moving back to California with me and the baby because we used to live there before the baby…I made more money there…so wanting the best for my family I got my old job back and moved out there..and stayed with my sister..my sister has alot of kids so its full house…well anyway this hurt both of us….I left in Dec and its now April…she says shes coming next month ….because then we will have enough money…well anyway…when I first left she seemed all caring and missing me being sweet and saying she loved me…but now all of a sudden she slowly started not to care….she says shes not in love with me anymore and I don’t know what to do…she says shes still coming but if we don’t work then she is going to leave me…she says that I stole her youth and if it wasn’t for the baby she would have not got married…but having a family was her idea and the baby was planned..so shes not making sense…she also says that she don’t think she was ever in love with me…that makes mee soo sad in my heart because I moved here for them soo we could have a better life together…I fill sooo sad and angry at the same time….she says she loves me…but not in love with me…she recently told me that she needed a break and she wanted to go to Spain with her friend amber…so I said ok go head clear your head have a good time..so I paid for her to go…she was gone 5 days…when she got back she made it a point to tell me that she would be living there if it wasn’t for the baby….that makes me fill soo sad…because what about me!!! she didn’t say anything about me….my friends say all she needs is some space and shes just confused because shes not with me and shes young…i don’t know but i love my family soo much and cant even eat now…soo sad..cant think about anything..the fact that she wants to come still is good because I can show her how much I really love her ….I think shes making a big mistake…shes not making any sense…im soo lost right now…don’t know what to do…i love her and my son sooo much…its soo hard to be away from them let alone find out all this stuff…soo hard to get out of bed and go to work…my friends said not to smother her and to stop calling her soo much.. so i did..even though i cant stop looking at my phone checking to see if she has called me or not….im soo scared….i don’t want to loose my family…what should I do…can someone help me please….
    She made it a point to tell me that some guy was flirting with her on the plane on the way back from Spain
    And she came clean about a guy she was with when we first started dating…..she always told me that they just kissed…and I asked her again on our wedding day….she said nothing happened…
    but when she was telling me she wasn’t in love with me anymore she told me the truth and said she had sex with him a handful of times…
    this broke my heart….I remember I have her a choice at that time…either him or me….she choose me…
    she said she choose me because i was stable..with me she felt secure…but that don’t make sense because we were not financially stable at all..we lived with her dad then we lived with her mom…so shes not making any sense….im soo confused…soo broken
    I cant sleep or eat.i need help

    Update…I just talked to her..I havent been saying I love you as much and I only tell her that I miss my son…we were about to hang up and I said I miss my son and she said …just your son???
    she got upset and hung up on me…that tells me she still cares for me…right?

  2. JCamacho1913 Reply

    this isn’t real folks….that knife would not cut through the human vertebrae like butter. You’d need a fucking sword to get through those, with a lot more force than what he’s applying.

  3. Spraydrain Reply

    An American calling other countries fucked up. . ha ha ahhahaha

  4. Martin Viking Reply

    Jeneave Jolie :O xD

  5. VyceVersaa Reply

    Why… :(..I shouldn’t have linked…my mind is disturbed…but its my own fault…curiosity…can anyone maybe give me something to clear my head of the darkness..

  6. Jessica Myers Reply

    I wanted to watch the fucking video

  7. ExtremeEncounter Reply

    Then watch it fool!

  8. ExtremeEncounter Reply

    The way her body just slanted to the ground, the blood spurting… Oh yeah, and the fucking porn ads on the side…

  9. chris lopez Reply

    this shxt fucked up wo the fuck with do shxt like this there just stupid to do shxt like that

  10. Quila dally Reply

    We Wanted The Video.. Not Your Opinion Fool !

  11. ilovenae21 Reply

    This is real i saw it on fb

  12. Dice5awa Reply

    Its real i saw it on fb
    Hes expererienced at beheading
    Her eyes move slow as she trys to look around

  13. Mark K. Reply

    And I actually enjoy black people…

  14. Mark K. Reply

    Now I want to cut this nigger’s head off, just for being a stupid, annoying nigger,

  15. Stubie30 Reply

    Saw this posted on facebook.. The girls eyes moved even after he cut off her head.. Would never cross these kind of gangs.

  16. hate deer Reply

    i went to link… there is porn

  17. chavo felix Reply

    she snitched on the click and got her head cutt off

  18. jamezcua9842 Reply

    Fuck u bitch nigga wasting my time

  19. jool uncle Reply


  20. Joshua Speed Reply

    Stupid. We do not need commentary!

  21. sirTittytwister Reply


  22. Cristian Ascencio Reply

    Mexican Cartel does this.

  23. 760doom Reply

    Yes is fucken real mother fucker

  24. Dontez Sutton Reply

    This is real

  25. IdQuinc Reply

    Already ive seen two comment on here saying that we should clean them up cause there killin each other any ways so wat we kill each other to whats the point

  26. tommym6151 Reply

    Another fake post NO VIDEO HERE OF A WOMAN HAVING GET HEAD CUT OFF, just a man who should clean his room and stop thinking folds want to him talk

  27. Mackenzie P Reply

    I been with my husband 11 years we have 3 sons ages 10.9 and 4y..Recently he assaulted me in front the kids and i called the cops and he went to jail,so i filed for divorce and he doesnt know yet tht i filed..I havent spoken to him in a month.He has abused me over the years mentally,physically,emotionally,he has cheated so many times and i take him bACK AND HE WOULD DO IT AGAIN.I love my husband i just dnt understand why he acts the way he does he gets mad at me in the kids and dont want us around,This is my first time deciding to leave bc i was being totured so much by him..He feels he an do watever he wants and if i question it he gets angry and hits me..so he went behind my back n rented a house after he left me last year after a argument over him not coming home,he was supposed to ve staying at his dad house to cool down but didnt come back and when i went to his dad house to gt the biys i noticed all 4 of his tires on flat and i asked him what girl did that bt instead he blamed me,i was so hurt bc i have never done anything to hurt him,so i got the boys n went home then a month later found out he moved in a house i was upset but i didnt leave him and everysince then,it only got worst,he has been hitting me for anything one min he tells us to come over and when he doesnt want us around he tells us to leave n not come back,so last week i had surgery on my back because i got bit by a poisonus spider,and the day i got out the hospital he kept callin me telling me he hate me he dont want me so i said ok,,i will just tell ur mom to bring the kids home he got upset bc he wanted me to come i told him i couldnt because i was to sick to drive so he got mad and wouldnt talk to me for a week,so friday the boys were at my husband father house and they call me and tld me to come get them bc their papa kept hitting on them n cursing them, so i asked them to call their dad since he lived around the corner and when they did their dad told them he was asleep,so they kept calling so i went to get them n took them to their dad house to get their clothes n he refused to give it to them so i asked him to give tthe clothes because they needed them,he got up cursed me punch me choked n threw me to the floor head first,he sat on me and wouldnt let me up after i screamed he let me up in my back was covered in blood bc i had just had surgery i have cuts on my arm n legs, so the police took him to jail n he bonded out..but i feel bad for calling the cops,why do i feel bad when he has hurt me? he has been convicted before for assault with a gun on me,i feel like i shouldnt have call the police,but why do i feel like this,..every other week he tells us not to come then he says he wants his family..i dont know why i keep allowing him to do this,he doesnt take care the boys at all or spend time with them,i dont understand why i feel guilty..i filed for divorce n havent spoken to him since..Is this the right decision or will he change?..Will he ever regret how horrible he has done me?

  28. mmminja Reply

    Ok this question is reaally long, im sorry. :(

    I am 16 years old, after a family break down after my brother went to jail, my dad, who was my best friend and who brought me up alone begun hitting me, my dad stopped showing me the fatherly love and affection he used to. Gradually my dad wanted me to move out as he became very depressed and hung up on the past (his 1st wife died and had a messy divorce with my mum – who i havent seen since i was a baby) On my 16th Birthday, i was kicked out, luckily i had my boyfriend who is 18, he is from liverpool but came to sheffield where i live to help me, we were thrown from one place to another, but after 4 months we stayed a night at a hotel – Netherleigh.
    We explained our situtation to the hotel owner, and he said we could stay and we would pay for it through benefits..we became good friends with the hotel owner and we often sat in his lounge watching tv. I am a very shy and quiet girl, i suffer from depression and social anxiety disorder, during that time i was under unbeleivable stress and was very vountrable and trusted people to easily. My head just wasnt working right.
    The hotel owner, whos name i cant even say as it makes me physcially sick begun to make crude comments about me, but i thought it was just in his nature because he’d said similar things about other people, ididdnt know what to say so i would shly smile and look down. I told my bf about this and he wanted to go and shout at the hotel owner, but i wouldnt let him because i was scared but i do not know why. I would often ask my bf to leave so i could talk to the hotel owner as i diddnt have any friends around and sometimes you just need someone else to talk to. I told him someone i know jokingly said i should get with him and i said ‘You should get with her!’ to him, jokingly also. He asked if iliked him and because of my shyness i diddnt know what to say so i said ‘erm, i dont know!’
    we then changed the subject, that night he got up and locked the door and made sure his elderly parents in the other room could not hear, then he sat down next to me and slid his hands up my pjamas. i froze and i felt sick. A couple of nights later i found myself alone with him again, thinking it wouldnt happen again as he saw the fear in my eyes, but it did, but worse. I could have screamed out for help, why diddnt i?
    He claimed he loved me, and that i diddnt love my boyfriend. I am a very friendly person and i gave him hugs goodnight before any of this happened, but he wouldnt do it infront of my bf for some reason, he also held my hand when i was upset but always tried to do it when we we were outside, he tried sliding his hand under the duvet when i was in bed and my bf was in the room. Im worried he thought i was coming onto him, he tried and said things to me right from the start but my head was so clustered so i just passed it off! When my bf found out his immediate reaction was ‘YOU CHEATED’ after hearing the story through he changed his opinion, i love my bf so much and we now share a flat togeather but it breaks my heart because i just feel like a cheat. I am receiving counelling due to suicide attempts, i self harm because of it and i cut ‘unpure’ into my arm which has scarred in order to remember what i did.

    Note: there was another girl staying there who was 18, but left and diddnt come back for her bags, he said he’d been going through them. He also stole some of my underwear and clothes. He wanted to meet my mum so she could see how ‘nice’ he is so me and him could get togeather – he is 49, single with 2 chilren. He is disgusting and strange.
    - Also, he took everything i did as flirting and teasing, e.g, crouching down to put something in a drawer, you could see my knickers or the top of my bum, i dont know…i diddnt even know, he also saw my flirtatious behaviour for my boyfriend to be towards him, he kissed me once, but i thought it was a friendly kiss, he turned it into a french kiss, so i pulled away and laughed, looked down, started shaking and then made an exuse to go.
    and to the person below, i dont ‘flaunt my goodies’ i suffer from social anxiety so i dont really like people looking at me!! im very thin but i wear my bfs big baggy hoodies to feel safe and i suppose to look unattractive or uninteresting to others.
    to lisa: do you mean it was my fault for how i acted? i dont dress to show off, im more of a jeans, tshirt and hoodie girl. im sorry, im just so sensitive about this.

  29. Moore, Ron Reply

    You know damn well that they’re doing everything in their power to make sure a democrat wins that seat even if they go as low as cheating. I’m not just claiming that only certain parties cheat, I’m sure they all do but there has to be some type of cheating going on in that state.

  30. Smashing Pumpkins Reply

    What does cheating in long term relationship, say about the relationship, and the person who is cheating and their attitude about their partner and the relationship, referring to relationship over 3 years.

    1) Do people cheat because they are not happy within the relationship
    2) Is it about themselves as a person.
    3) Can you be in love with your partner is you cheat. ?

  31. hank baseballs Reply

    What are your thoughts on cheating in a relationship? Also say your sun sign and rising/moon if you know it :)

    I think cheating is disgusting, I hate it and have never and would never cheat in a relationship. If you don’t want to be with someone tell them and move on, but don’t stay in a relationship with them and cheat on them, so it hurts them and breaks their trust.

    I am a :
    Libra sun
    Aries moon
    Cancer rising

  32. Mathew Reply

    If someone were to report that cheating had taken place at my school during the AP US History exam, what would happen? Would the students be given a chance to retake the test since not everyone cheated?

  33. Heath Reply

    I dated a guy who was cheating on his girlfriend. Entire time he was with me he was saving to buy a ring. Who does that? Now they are happily planning a wedding. Even though I wasnt the one cheated on I am infuriated. I want him to pay for it! Why do good people always finish last?
    He never tolde me about his girlfriend. I found out through the grapevine and ended it.

  34. krow147 Reply

    Just as I said before. What do you do if the temptation of cheating arises in your heart? Do you talk to you other half about it? Do you play it safe and leave it alone? Or do you just cheat? What do you do?

    Thank you for you answers/opinions as they do count.

  35. ericmreitz Reply

    If you found yourself cheating, and wanted to justify it to yourself, or maybe even someone else,
    what reason do you think would be acceptable, or forgiveable.
    I haven’t cheated, and am not thinking about actually doing it, but lately I have thought about all the men who have cheated on me, and if I had done that to them, what would be a legitimate reason?

    Perhaps I would cheat out of spite, to get revenge.
    Perhaps I would cheat because my love life would have been unfulfilling.
    Whatever the motive,
    whats a good reason?

  36. baldy eire Reply

    I was wondering if turning on a cheat in a video game counts as a sin I know cheating to wife, school, test are sins but what about this?

  37. Sergio Reply

    I want to complete my pokedex in Pokemon White, but I want to do so without cheating.(I know you don’t need legendaries for it to be counted as complete but I wanna be the very best like no one ever was.

  38. DuckieM10 Reply

    say you and a person have been together for a while and neither of you are seeing anyone else. what do you consider “cheating?”

    is liking someone else cheating?
    is texting someone else you like cheating?
    holding hands?
    obviously kissing someone else?

    what do you think?

  39. ouch Reply

    If someone is cheating on you and you have all the evidence from their smell, to their body language etc. plus the fact that you know the person so well you know they cheated.
    Do you:
    a) Confront them
    b) Strategically get yourself together and leave without their knowledge.
    c) Ignore the situation in hopes that it will change.
    d) Other
    Exlpain please

  40. RxP DarkBox Reply

    Just wondering, I have jealousy problems..
    If he hung out with a girl alone at her house or went to see a movie with a girl alone.. Is that cheating? Like I know kissing and shit is, obviously. But if he told you he was going to hang out with some girl alone or see a movie with her, do you consider this cheating?

  41. thinkthought Reply

    I am marrying my gf this year. I do not think she has ever cheated or is planning to but I keep wondering how would i could cope if she ever does it one day .

    How people who have ever been in such a situation dealt with a cheating partner ? Have you been able to forgive and stay together?

  42. cardskid22 Reply

    I have a bit of intuition hes cheating but maybe im just over reacting because of our pass.But help me to know the truth.

  43. Gundown64 Reply

    I’m interested to know what everyone’s opinion is on whether seeing other people while separated is considered cheating or not. I know it’s probably not the healthiest thing for the situation, but after being separated and being with other guys, my husband says that he considers that cheating. I say that since we had already been separated for a few months, and now over a year, and not even living in the same city and at the time, had planned on getting a divorce, it is not cheating.

  44. Jeanelle the Retard Reply

    i know it’s wrong to cheat on someone but what is considered cheating on someone? What is some of the stuff you shouldn’t do that may be considered cheating?

    If there is a guy dating a girl and the guy asks another girl on a date in a few weeks while he’s still dating. but he wants to break up with the girl he’s with before he goes on the date.
    - is this like cheating or what?

  45. Alex Reply

    I found out through a text that he’s cheating or planning on cheating. This is it

    I gat a girl that I want to bring over. She is my friend. I want to fuck her.

    Then he tried to use this as a cover up.

    Sorry is andre ahmed friend. I did not meane to send it to u.

    How can I get over this?

  46. Jeff Reply

    What would you define cheating as? Would it be physical/intimate with another person? Or could going out with someone without intimate contact be considered cheating?

  47. Armas Reply

    Have the Cheaters won any games lately without resorting to their slimy low life cheating ways??? How long have the Cheaters been “winning” by Cheating??? Should there be an asterisk next to all of the Cheaters’ recent “victories” to indicate that the “wins” were gained by Cheating?

  48. MentallyCryppled Reply

    I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. I just wanna know what are the clues to know if he is or not.

  49. krow147 Reply

    Seriously. The only difference is that steroids hurts your body. Other than that it is just another form of cheating. It is getting way too much attention! Why does it get so much more attention than a pitcher using pine tar to grip a ball better? Both are cheating; and atheletes have always cheated…

  50. Johnky J Reply

    My girlfriend believes that porn is cheating and says we can’t be together because she is constantly thinking about me “cheating” with porn when she is away! She is extremely insecure yet she says that her insecurities are only a little part of it.WHAT KIND OF MATURE RATIONAL WOMEN WOULD PROCESS PORN AS CHEATING.


    What does cheating in long term relationship, say about the relationship, and the person who is cheating and their attitude about their partner and the relationship, referring to relationship over 3 years.

    1) Do people cheat because they are not happy within the relationship
    2) Is it about themselves as a person.
    3) Can you be in love with your partner is you cheat. ?
    4) if the relationship was heading towards marriage, is there a likelihood he is afraid of commitment.

  52. Travoiz Reply

    So my boyfriend has been cheating on me and doesn’t know that i know, and i want a joke that i can use to break up with him to get back at him and be an asshole. Any good ones?

  53. MexicanDude Reply

    I got evidence that my girlfriend is cheating on me, photos, text screenshots and such from syncing her phone to my computer, she doesn’t know yet..but I’m planning on confronting her on it. Got all the evidence I need to make her confess.

    What should I do and how do I go about it?

  54. JackReynolds Reply

    What does cheating in long term relationship, say about the relationship, and the person who is cheating.

  55. Hannah Reply

    I can’t help but to cheat on her.We sit right beside each other in class beside each other,and there are her 2 other friends that sit in front and in the back of me.My girlfriend is very beautiful and smart. When we take tests I can help but to look on her paper,so please,someone help me stop cheating on my girlfriend.

  56. Pacman Reply

    everyone seems to think the answer differently so what do you consider cheating on someone you’re in a relationship with?

  57. Ramblin Spirit Reply

    If your girlfriend tells you that she had a dream you were cheating on her, how would you react if:

    A) You were cheating on her?
    B) You were not cheating on her?

  58. Jenna Reply

    Do you consider it cheating when a man looks at pictures of young naked women in magazines? What about young women scantly clothed and in sexually suggestive positions?

    If you think it is cheating, what would you do about it?

  59. Keaton Reply

    What are the signs if your husband is cheating or planning on cheating.

  60. Marlon P Reply

    I have to write a paper for one of my English classes and I wrote it about all the cheating I used to do in high school. It goes into quite a bit of detail like what classes I cheated in and how I cheated in them. I don’t cheat at all anymore because I’m pretty serious about college so I don’t really care if my teacher knows I was a ex-cheater in high school.

    Could there be any consequences for admitting to this kind of thing? Or am I fine since I already have the diploma?

  61. Ramblin Spirit Reply

    I dont see a difference either way you are still cheating on a person you are with, my husband thinks there is a difference.

  62. NC Baller Reply

    I have a few question i needed to know:

    1) What does a dream about your boyfriend cheating on you mean?

    2) If you ask your boyfriend “if you gave him a chance to cheat would he” and his answer was i don’t know?

    3) If you feel so insecure about yourself because your afraid he might cheat on you?

    4) If you had a feeling he cheated on you before but you dont really know if it is true?

    5) How do you know if he wants to spend his life with you or if he is just using you?

  63. ibjammin44 Reply

    What would you consider as cheating in a relationship. Is talking to your ex considered cheating?

  64. sick_mick_101 Reply

    What does cheating in long term relationship, say about the relationship, and the person who is cheating and their attitude about their partner and the relationship, referring to relationship over 3 years.

    1) Do people cheat because they are not happy within the relationship
    2) Is it about themselves as a person.
    3) Can you be in love with your partner is you cheat. ?

  65. Melanie Reply

    Is it cheating or wrong for your girlfriend to do webcam show for guys. Is that cheating?

  66. Alina Elliott Reply

    I think my friend might be cheating on his girlfriend but im not sure. I never met his girlfriend. I’ve seen stuff on facebook that make it look like hes cheating. How I can tell?

  67. cardskid22 Reply

    my dad is cheating on my mom , me and my older brother know . this is not the only time me and my brother have discovered that my dad is cheating how do i tell my mom without upsetting my dad ?

  68. Heath Reply

    My girlfriend just started working as a high school teacher, and I am nervous that she might be cheating with a student. What kind of clues should I watch out for?

  69. Andres C Reply

    If my boyfriend is cheating on me, then he must be really good at hiding it. Are there any signs and things that I should look out for and be aware of that I am not thinking of? How are people finding out their partner’s are cheating?

  70. sethburger Reply

    What is worse – cheating on your boyfriend / girlfriend : or cheaing on your husband or wife?

  71. Xedo Reply

    I do this so that I can edit my work to get a better grade. I think it’s only cheating if you plagiarize.

  72. Oilers Reply

    How do you feel about students cheating at high school or college. Cheating on a test, exam, plagiarizing term papers.

    I think that cheating is wrong, and your just cheating yourself. It shows that you don’t care about your integrity or your morals. It’s too much hassle to cheat on a test and it’s too risky getting caught. If you don’t cheat your way through college, then you’ll come out learning more than the students who cheat their way through.

    Have you cheat before in school?
    What methods do you use?
    Do you ever get caught cheating?

  73. Kaylla Reply

    I find it interesting that people who cheat on their wives (celebrates or otherwise) are always “sorry” for doing what they did but only after they get caught. Tiger isn’t alone. Remember Jimmy Swaggart? Remember Bill Clinton? Kobe Bryant? Feel free to add names to the list. Let’s see how many “sorry” cheating celebrates we can come up with.

  74. Krazy Bob Reply

    How will you ask a student cheating without getting much directly to the ‘cheating’ thing? What questions can you ask that will make the student will confess his/her deeds?

  75. Taylor2k Reply

    I have to do a presentation on “western pleasure and cheating.”
    What are some things that people do that could be considered cheating?

  76. Squall Leonhart Reply

    I need different perspectives. Personally I think it was the manner of the execution of the Princesse de Lamballe. As a naive and protected young lady, she was ripped from her protectors, gang raped, had her breasts cut off, killed and then had her head cut, put on a spike and paraded before the Queen’s cell window for her to see.

    How could people be so cruel?

  77. have faith Reply

    Ok well im trying to grow my hair out, and my ends are thin and stringy when my hair is wet … But not so much when its dry. Should I go a head and cut then or cut them as my hair grow out?… And if it helps im relaxeded. One more thing I have funky layers will the affect the way my hair will grow?

  78. Anny Reply

    Also in the movie, the main character is a female that can take out her eye and use it a a camera. Also the main vvillian has a girlfriend that gets her head cut off. It was made somewhere in the past 12 years.

  79. Sahil Reply

    Notice I said squad-based, not run around like chickens with your head cut off, shooting at everything that moves. (MGO). Please tell me, and if anybody can, tell me your clan, and if they do squad-based tactics, and orders, ect. Thanks.
    Well, it will be the same as every other one. Everybody will run around shooting. Socom should make you be in a squad.

  80. Xavier Hawthorne Reply

    My mother found a dead rat on her porch with the head cut off and the head was at the rear and the tail was in the front and straight line

  81. thexbox360player Reply

    and in three days he rose again for you. Lets say this is the way he died, he had his head cut off, and the stone rolled a way and Jesus walked again. Would it be the same offering?

    He died for your sins, and now you live alive in him because he LIVES.

  82. blarg blarg Reply

    They get so close, it’s like a dental training film. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this? Is there a reason? You know the camera operators have to be more competent than those frames.
    We seem to get head shots with the top of the head cut off
    instead of portrait shots, chest up.
    Anyone have an answer?

  83. mal_functiongeo Reply

    The blades are at least 10 feet off the ground so you aren’t going to get your head cut off. Is there any good reason i don’t know about?

  84. supernerd567 Reply

    The end of the year is rapidly approaching and people in my neighborhood have already started on blowing up fireworks or whatever the hell they blow. At the 31st of December my neighborhood looks and sounds like Armageddon. Anyway, my dog gets really scared around this time and year after year I watch my dog run around the house like a chicken with its head cut off. I always stay with her so she isn’t alone, but I sometimes feel she could have a heart attack, the way her hearts thumps. I hug her and comfort her, but it isn’t enough. I want to know of something that could knock her out for a few hours, so she can sleep peacefully until that damned awful day passes. She’s a small dog and weights like 15 pounds.

    Oh, and if someones knows something for cats too. My two cats really get nervous too, but my dog gets the worse of all.

  85. Moore, Ron Reply

    Alright, I know this sounds weird but I am writing a supernatural mystery story and the victim has had her head cut off. Now, I know there is a way a coroner can tell that a limb has been cut off while the victim was alive, but I don’t know what it is exactly. If someone could answer this, this would help my story so much. Thanks!

  86. Matthew S Reply

    Like, if you had a 40% chance your cancer would just go away, would you really claim that God healed you? No body ever gets their head cut off and survives because they prayed.

  87. ouch Reply

    No, I am not a psycho. I am writing a story along the lines of Game of Thrones and one scene involves a character standing on the feet of another one and removing his head with his hands through brute force. The killer weighs much more than the victim and is physically very strong. My question is more in regards to how the victim’s body would react. Blood flow/loss, how the nervous system would affect the body’s movement when the head is removed (ie- chicken w head cut off), how long the effects would last, etc. I am trying to write less this as less “Hollywood” and more as medically accurate as possible.

  88. Michael Reply

    Chickens can continue to move or even run around with their heads cut off? As far as I know, the brain controls movement, and I realize the chicken would eventually die. But how does this work?

  89. XplicitzZ Reply

    God would never let a Christian be killed or have their heads cut off.

  90. John Reply

    You know, there’s like a carboard body and the heads cut-out and you put your head through and take a picture?

  91. lucasg615 Reply

    Link to the previous question for those that care… http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AhNz_Q3p_CLh5QH2tTT7otHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110705014817AAlhqzk

    I’m 21 and she’s 20 we were both crazy in love but the relationship ended really bad.. She cheated on me. Obviously i have a lot of pride and i wouldn’t stand for it and ended it but i still loved her. We were together for six years so i did keep seeing her a lot on and off (for a year) after i ended it. Recently I had cut everything off with her but it was kind of on a good note. I was feeling good she seemed to be ok. Felt like i was actually moving on. A few days after i cut everything off her dad had fallen down an elevator shaft she got my cousin to call me (mutual friend) so i would call her (she doesn’t have my new number) she needed me there so i decided to be there (i wanted to be). This was two weeks ago, she then became really weird like she wouldn’t talk to me as much and she was ignoring my calls/msgs. I had a go at her but she kept saying it was because she’s with her dad in hospital all day. He came out of hospital but she was still being the same. Now she’s gone on holiday with her friends to the south of France. Fair enough she needed a break but now again she is totally ignoring me. The relationship is over i know that and the ‘over’ part will be implemented one day but you know.. it still hurts.
    This is were the anger kicks in.. I look and feel like an idiot. I wanted to be there for her but she totally brushed me off. And now iv’e lost that feel good factor about moving on and everything is sh*t. She’s on holiday living it up and i’m the bitch waiting around on her.
    I’m feeling something towards her that I haven’t felt about her before (even when i found out she cheated) I still love her, i know i do but i don’t understand what’s going on in my head. Every time i think about how deep she has been I get really frustrated and i’m a really mellow guy..

    Can i love her but hate her at the same time? I’ts confusing for me.. She is my first and last love btw. Also we were each others first for everything.
    Tell me anything, maybe your previous experiences will help me in my time of need.
    Thank you in advance

  92. liza Reply

    Because it stops the blood going to your brain, starving it of oxygen, just like holding your breath. You dont die immediately. Wouldnt it also be true for getting your head cut off or something? It would take several minutes before you even go unconscious. The only way to die immediately is to completely destroy the brain. i.e. a bullet to the head or something. Is that true?
    if you give an answer please explain it.

  93. Matthew David Reply

    As we all know the shih tzu dog has a tough coat.. What is the best clippers? I also would like to know the number for the blades I would need.. I like to keep her body short, but her legs fluffy. Eyes scooped out and head cut short as well.. What will I use to get the hair from inbetween the pads and what would I use for the tush area.. Gotta keep a clean boo boo…lol

  94. David Reply

    But they aren’t prepared to rescue a chicken whose about to have it’s head cut off? What is it about the pitiful soulful eyes of an abused puppy that is so much more powerful than the pitiful soulful eyes of an abused battery chicken?
    So you’re telling me that if people ATE puppies then nobody would rescue a puppy that was being kicked to death? I think in China they rescue puppies who are being kicked.

  95. Agent 47 Reply

    Maybe a little chicken with it’s head cut off to let us know they are paid pansies making 5 bucks an hour to promote total tripe? Or should the symbol be a pansy or piece of tripe?

  96. BRUTE Reply

    also will i get my head cut off..or is that rare?

  97. Zack Faria Reply

    Where do you spend Christmas eve?,
    Where do you go Christmas day?
    How do you see both of your families?

    I am going to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off just to see everyone, Bc Christmas day we have to see his family, Christmas afternoon and than make an hour trip in time for dinner at my sisters.

    The reason this year is going to be hectic is bc we both have more of our families coming up.

  98. Rishabh Bajpai Reply

    I have seen him twice in concert and he got his head cut off both times.
    Which do you prefer? Or which have you seen live?

  99. Wooooody Reply

    and US is the one that is hated? also in every mooslim country people die everyday from suicide and get head cut off for dumb reason?? why?

  100. whites are not the only racists Reply

    They’re disgusting and dirty. I’ve heard that they can survive with their head cut off for 30 days. Are there any positive things to them? Do they contribute to the food chain in any way?

  101. altair Reply

    Umm, so I just started cooking, and I’ve been really grossed out whenever I had to rinse a chicken with its head cut off, slice off its legs and cut it into pieces. It just makes me really uncomfortable and almost want to throw up. Is this feeling normal for new cooks? And how do I overcome the feeling of disgust?

  102. SKATEskum Reply

    And pretend everything’s fine, while everyone else runs around like a chicken with the head cut off, because of the mess they caused for everyone, and made everyone’s job a lot harder and miserable?
    I have just noticed this throughout my career working for major corporation. It’s like they go into hiding mode, and offer no support as soon as crap hits the fan.

  103. Big Banger Reply

    Theres a manga I read the first chapter a year ago, I never got to finish it.
    It starts with this girl in a classroom, then all the sudden her head gets cut off and tons of people are dead.
    And then she wakes up, but her head is still unnattached.
    Any idea what the manga was? Id like to finish it.

  104. Andre Reply

    im pretty sure there large bluegill, they are about 6in with head cut off, gutted, and scaled.

    someone told me they might be small mouth bass, how can i tell?

  105. Matthew David Reply

    I got my head cut open when i was younger and had it glued back together. what are some other procedures. i’m doing an English assignment and need some facts PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  106. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused Reply

    My wife and I are expecting our first child in October. A quick question to all the Dad’s who were in the delivery room, and the Mother’s who would like to share their opinion.

    What is something nice I can do for my wife while she is in labor? Should I surprise her with her favorite candy? Bring her favorite movie? Any ideas would be appreciated! I am honestly running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off and nervous, so some sane people giving me a few answers is greatly appreciated! Thanks to all who answer!
    Thanks to all who have answered so far! I know labor is going to be hard one her ( thanks for the tip, the house is going to be spotless when she gets home, plus I bought her a new glider rocker for the baby that she doesn’t know about!) I have the home part covered. I just wish there was something special I could do at the hospital that would be something she would treasure and remember, something that would really stand out in her mind!
    I am loving these answers! Thank you all so much! On one hand I am really freaking out at the idea of Sheila being in so much pain, but I really am looking forward to having my daughter here! It is just a no win situation on my part! I am amazed at how many people say they wish that all guys were like me? Do most men really not do anything special in the delivery room? Now granted I am sure that I will do something I will regret, like make that phone call when she really needs me, or god forbid I have to use the restroom and she doesn’t want me to leave, but honestly do most guys not try to do something nice? For goodness sakes its their child and wife or girlfriend in labor! All I have to say is that I am feeling a bit feminist for all you ladies at the moment! LOL Again thanks everyone!

  107. Jonny Reply

    And also the name of the similar hairstyle that has the back and sides of the head cut/trimmed shorter than the top.

  108. floydian8717 Reply

    If so, what would get a persons head cut instead of a finger?
    In other words, which punishment fits which crime?

  109. Franklin Bluth Reply

    Kind of stupid don’t you think? You hit a homerun, there’s no way, no play that can be used to tag a player out. A homerun supersedes everything. You’ve done your part, why run the bases? If bases are loaded, a player hits a homerun, why should the other players on bases have to finish the run of the bases when they can’t be tagged out? Those are two of the reasons I don’t like or watch baseball. Wearing a costume (team uniform) like it was halloween, standing at home plate with a big stick or big piece of hitting a small white ball, then running around circles (the bases) like a chicken with it’s head cut off!
    Those who don’t like my view and opinion on baseball don’t have to answer the question. I’m entitled under law to voice my opinion just as you are!

  110. Nick Reply

    For example I knew someone who liked to shoot fish with a shotgun. People say that is animal cruelty. I met some people in the Philippines who would eat dogs. Alot of people said that was animal cruelty. When i was a kid I knew other kids who liked to cut the heads off chickens to watch them run around, with the head cut off. Again people called that animal cruelty. Cruelty animal or otherwise would be causing PAIN or SUFFERING. In all of the above cases the animals were killed before they could feel pain, or suffer. So how would that be considered animal Cruelty ?

  111. x_blind_x_gamer_x Reply

    Do you run around like a chicken with your head cut off or what do you do, dood?

  112. colingrillo Reply

    I am going in on Tuesday for surgery for a brain tumor and I’m having it removed, how long is the recovery time physically, mentally, and emotionally? My doctor said he’s not sure, and said I may even have to re-learn how to talk other things in a worse case scenario.

    Please give me a time period if possible. My doctor said he can’t be sure. I’m 25 and I’m terrified of having my head cut open, but I know its necessary. I’m just pretty worried about what will happen after the surgery?

  113. ericmreitz Reply

    burnt pork chop gravy. She tried, but she had 8 kids and was always running around like a chicken with her head cut-off. Strange analogy, but true. How about you though, what kind of food was served in your home when you were a kid.
    WOW Maeve, I thought my mom was the only one who knew about stuffed hot dogs, they are really good!

  114. The Beatles Reply

    Ok so if a pig can fly and a cow can talk what does a chicken do…. Backflips? Spits at people? Swim? Run around with its head cut off? Sucsessfully manage to get across the road with a decent reason? Feel free to add one im trying to come up with an answer. We’ll see how this turns out.

  115. Death Knight Reply

    I did not know the name of the movie because I watched it in a friends house. It was about some man on a horse, but getting his head cut off. He then returns as a ghost and collecting on peoples heads in a three or something. I can´t remember it that well, but I want to know the name of it. Anyone?

  116. Superman Reply

    What would you think of the opposite gender that is pretty sadistic, as in they like seeing others humans/animals in pain?

    I am pretty sadistic myself, I like seeing things that would be in a sadistic manner. When I was in college when I was bored, I would doodle/draw (if you can call it that, I am not so good an artist), decapitated bodies. I would draw them laid down, with their head cut off, their arms cut off, their forearms cut off, their legs cut off, from the knee down cut off, and the feet cut off. Then I would draw their chest to their body cut open to reveal their bones.

    Regardless, a girl I knew (and another in the same class that knew) still had “feelings” for me and asked me out (relationship), I declined, but she was still interested.

    See, I can fully understand why one would not be attracted to that, but some still were, and one of them was, well, the most beautiful women I know I view as art, I feel off putted by sexual thoughts of them, but I admire their appearance, she was one of those types, were/are attracted to me. I honestly can’t see why given that I showed clear sadistic interests.

    I would even look up such things on the computers in college, and they were pretty graphic, they seen that, too.

    So my question is, what do you honestly think of the opposite gender that is sadistic? Male and female. Be honest.
    Sorry for the confusion, but the type of sadism I mean isn’t where I am fascinated by what is already dead, more so like seeing such things in pain, screaming, bleeding (especially blood), and watching it die.

    I can’t say I am that interested in what is already dead like Jessy and your friend, Granny Tea. Good comment though, you two. Thanks.

    Sorry for not making that more clear, guys/gals.
    Sorry for the confusion, but the type of sadism I mean isn’t where I am fascinated by what is already dead, more so like seeing such things in pain, screaming, bleeding (especially blood), and watching it die.

    I can’t say I am that interested in what is already dead like Jessy and your friend, Granny Tea. Good comment though, you two. Thanks.

    Sorry for not making that more clear, guys/gals.

  117. hank baseballs Reply

    I’m starting high school in a little more than a month and I have no idea what I need to buy. Honestly, I’ve been in a uniform all of my life so I’m like a chicken with its head cut off.
    I only need to know basic essentials with little detail. I know my way around shopping.
    So what things would i need like shirts, jeans, etc?

  118. che-che Reply

    “Her photos are horrible, heads cut off, pictures of nothing, a table, a hand, a chair. Still she shoots pictures of any event that’s important to her, knowing that each memory is too important to lose, having lost so many before”

    This is from the book “The Color Of Water”, describing Ruth. Its okay if you havent read the book, but what charactersitics do you think she has based on this passage?

  119. Rishi Reply

    It was a horror movie from the 2000′s. A black dude got his head cut off, but was still able to talk after another dude hooked it up to electricity.

  120. Superman Reply

    A dogs head gets cut off and put out a dog door or something, what film is this please?

  121. Praveen Reply

    What was the name of that horse in the godfather movie, the one whose head was cut off?

  122. forahobby Reply

    u know how you say “i’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.”

  123. colingrillo Reply

    I don’t know whether shaving my head or cutting my toenails would make my grass on the front lawn grow faster. If neither of those worked then I was thinking about getting some new shingles for my roof to see if that would work.

  124. MentallyCryppled Reply

    HOW???? I supose you could consider me a farm kids, but I never understood how chickens run around with their heads cut off!!

  125. morbiusdog Reply

    I need to know whether Higgins’ speech about Eliza getting her head cut off by the King if she’s found out is in jest or if it is for real.

    “If the King finds out you’re not a lady, you will be taken by the police to the Tower of London, where your head will be cut off as a warning to other presumptuous flower girls.”

    Is Higgins joking about this or is it for real? Would there be consequences for posing as a lady? What kind of consequences?

  126. baldy eire Reply

    Does anyone have any good ideas to get even with a UNC fan who sent us a box with a dead rose and the head cut off of a Jayhawk doll with fake blood everywhere. We all think it’s funny and we don’t want to do anything illegal or in poor taste. Any suggestions?

  127. TommyKay Reply

    I see the owner at these restaurants like 16 hours a day. I was eating my lamb curry one day as I watched the owner run around like a chick with his head cut off and I was also looking at my bill, $9.95 for the lunch buffet, and I had three plates (cause it is a buffet I feel I have to gorge myself)

    My question is how much per year do you think an avg. Indian restaurant makes in profits. I mean lunch rush is kinda busy but during dinner there are like 4-7 people even on Fri and Sat

    I bet the owner makes $50,000 a year after taxes. What do you think?

  128. Jason Reply

    I know there are cheats out there, but what cheats on Mercenaries actually work?
    What cheats actually work on xbox360 Mercenaries2?

  129. Brian Reply

    I need a cheat code to disable all cheats, not a save file or something like that.

  130. Vultre9 Reply

    Hes knows I cheated on it but he submitted in the grade book already. Should I let it be or talk to him?

  131. Malcolm Hudson Reply

    The cheats are a little confusing and i don’t want to mess up my game by pressing something. Help?

  132. Mistry Reply

    Opening the cheat console in Europa Universalis with Alt-21. How do I close the console in the game?

  133. Stevalicious Reply

    The cheat codes are: samhines86 and rxh7nigh and it says to enter them on the “title screen” but I can’t find where to enter them.

  134. Zanto Reply

    I know that there is a cheat to get them at the museum, but they are level 20 already. I want to get a fresh start. Anyone have a cheat?

  135. hank baseballs Reply

    If a man continually cheats, you would presume the person he cheats with also is not loyal. Is it often that men will get std from being adulterous?
    How many wives have caught their husbands cheating by getting std?

  136. dubmecrazy3 Reply

    I would like a money cheat, or somethin like that and a cheat where you can pass missions.


  137. sean Reply

    I’m 25 years old and have a boyfriend who is also 25 years years old. We’ve been together since we were 16 and I’ve cheated on him a few times. The first time I cheated was with his best friend when we were 18, and I cheated on him with a guy from work. I even contemplated leaving my boyfriend for this guy, but I realized I love my boyfriend, so I ended the 2 year affair. I’ve only cheated on time since when I was really drunk with a random guy. My boyfriend wants to marry me and have kids and I want that too, but I don’t think I can keep lying to him everyday. So help? I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes, however, I am planning to make it up to him and do everything to make it right.

  138. Harry Reply

    I have tryed to cheat on NFSU and i cant seem to find out how. The cheat codes don’t seem to work.

  139. blarg blarg Reply

    I just want to know if there are any cheats for more coins and what keys do have to push to make the cheats work.

  140. callofduty5123412 Reply

    About 6 years ago my wife cheated on me. I got mad, kicked her out. She lived with them for a month. She came back home the night before my meeting with the divorce attorney. After a long talk I decided to put that on hold until we atleast spoke with a marriage counselor. Long story short we stayed together and slowley mended the relationship. Fast forward to current day, few nights ago we were playing a game of adult truth or dare and having some drinks. You know, hoping to have a night of romance. And becuase she was drinking she just blurted somthing out during this game, after one of the truth questions. She admited to enjoying hurting people and is facinated by death. My immediate reaction was pretty much. RED ALERT!!!!!!!!!! I guess you could say My crazy B!+ch alarm went off. So the next day when she was sober I confronted her. I found at that in that one month she was away she slept with 2 guys and a girl, regularly. Not at the same time. Like one of the every night. The fact that she met these seperate people and did all that in just a month is really trubling to begin with. But one of those guys she said she would cut him with a knife in bed. She got off on watching him bleed. And this guy was also into it. Pain turned him on apparently. She started going to goth night clubs dressing up all goth. These two were constanty active. Basically every moment she wasent working she was getting it on woth these people. But mostly the Mr. Cut me guy. There are two things that just really really bother me. First one is obvious. She is or was a sadomasachistic whore. Second thing is that she has never ever been that sexually active or open with me, she will open her legs for people she barley knew just like that. And be totaly open and honest about her sexual desires. Even though those desires are completley insane. It still very insulting that she is more willing sexually with a person she hardley knows and has always been reserved towards her own husband. She saus its becuase she loves me. WTF dose that mean? You wont sleep with me becuase you love me? I really have a difficult time understanding that one. And I really dont know which one bugs me more. The fact that she is into some pretty messed up stuff. Or the fact that she is more willing to sleep with multiple strangers then her own husband. Obviously if I knew all this 6 years ago I would have never even considered speaking to her again. But six years have passed since then and she has been loyal to me and has treated me well ever since. And i love her. So my head is doing flips here. I dont know if I should run for the hills, or accept her for who she is and try to supress my resentment towards her for hiding it from me for so long. Remember we had 6 good years since then. But she dose admit she is still into that sort of thing. She just dosent act on it. so yeah. I am totally baffeled. I feel betrayed. I feel creeped out. And down right ticked off from the mental pictures I have of her doing this. If I didnt love her I would run. But I love her a lot. So I really dont know what to do. :(. My head is spinning.

  141. Paul M Reply

    What do you consider cheating?
    So Michael…kissing isn’t cheating? Emotional involement isn’t cheating?

  142. PIE BOY Reply

    What would be the main classification of cheating? I am NOT asking what would classify as cheating, but what the classification is. What can I classify it under? What is a classification system I can use to show the differences of cheating?

    For example, you classify movies under different genres or ratings.

    Also, I used emotional cheating and physical cheating as a way to classify cheating, but i need another one.

  143. josh12rox Reply


  144. Jack Bauer Reply

    Can I delete homework without having the social worker come? And any other cheats you know on the Sims 2 please list!
    I already know:
    -move_objects on

  145. llb443 Reply

    Have you ever cheated?
    Would you ever cheat?

  146. Motordom Reply

    Does anyone know any webkinz cheats? Anything at alll would be very appreciated! Thankyou!

  147. Jeffery Carlson Reply

    I dont see the big fuss or why some people call it cheating. I will enlighten you on the subject and give my point of view and would love to hear your input. As we all know every NFL team has tapes of every other NFL team and view them before and after they play them. Plus they have defense coordinators who analyse the defense and see what defense they run on certain downs and yardage situations. So they were caught taping and everyone says that is helped the Pats offense. Well please explain that when the defense changes after the offense line sets, now granted the offense can change when they read the defense which the two best in the game are Tom Brady and Payton Manning. Also the play is called in through a headset in the helmet while in the huddle and once again the defense hasnt set up yet so tell me how does it give and advantage to the offense? Why not stop all taping and viewing of games?
    If all you have to say is that its cheating and thats it please dont respond, and several said you cant tape the plays. they watch game films which just about anyone can figure out the plays and see the pattern that a team or Coach likes to play.
    How can you call a play to beat the defense when you dont know what they are calling until you get to the line and the defense sees what you are running and they get their play, How does the offense know what they are going to call if they havent called the play yet and how can you predict what set of plays to send your QB to call for certain plays. It goes back to studying the filam and knowing the team you are playing :) I am not a Pats fan wouldnt have mind seeing them break the record tired of hearing about Don Shula and his team time for some change. Pick your brains. I also know several NFL players which play on Offense and said that if they had that info its not going to make a diffence no more than a QB reading the defense.
    I see I have stirred the pot really good with the question. But if all you are going to say is its cheating with no logical imput about why you think it is then please dont answer.

  148. toysruslover Reply

    I had a debate with a friend, who considers sleeping with a sex worker (yuck) not cheating and also petting, kissing etc… (everything except oral and actual intercouse) as not cheating either. What is your opinion as to what you consider as the bare minimum for an act to be considered as cheating?

    Personally, I consider anything beyond a kiss on the cheek as cheating.

  149. musicistabest Reply

    why do men cheat even when they got a good ass women at home?

  150. Cliffy N Reply

    or you did the cheating…….

  151. Keaton Reply

    Does any have cheats for Tomb Raider ll and do you know the nude cheat if it got one? ^-^

  152. Scott Bull Reply

    My son cut his head on something Wednesday night. He didn’t cry or at least not that I heard. I woke in the morning to see dried blood on his shirt and head. I thought it was a gash because that’s the way the blood looked. I gave him a bath and the actual cut is about a half inch. Should I take him to the doctor or hospital? He acts pretty normal, but I read symptoms could take a couple days to manifest. I have no idea what he hurt himself on he was in his room only toys and a dresser in there. But I fear that it is possible he was knocked unconscious because he throws big fits when he’s hurt and I’m not usually a heavy sleeper. Is it too late???

  153. Scorch Delta-62 Reply

    i need some cheats i cant beat the game

  154. John Reply

    Just curious as I’m thinking of getting a short buzz haircut. I always think my head looks really strange. Thanks in advance.


  155. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag Reply

    why did work for cheat.

  156. Moore, Ron Reply

    Why do men cheat? Serious question

  157. Mark M Reply

    Just got it! Celeb cheats? Vamp cheats? City cheats? Club/Bar cheats? Anything?

  158. Christopher J Reply

    Have you been cheated on? Have you cheated? if so, why did you cheat?

    I mostly want to know what your opinion is on Cheating.

  159. rndmaktn Reply

    Why do they cheat?


    Have you ever cheated? Why and whats the outcome

  160. Yoshi Reply

    Basically if a person cheats do you think they deserve to be cheated on?
    Whoa whoa people this isnt a on going relationship this is one person if they cheat in there next relationship do you think the deserve to be cheated on, not back and forth cheating thats pointless

  161. Patrick Reply

    no blur cheat,move prop freely cheat,and ETC.

  162. Gabriel Kenney Reply

    i understand that in games like gta 4 getting unlimited health is cheating but do you think it is really cheating when you want to find all the cogs in gears of war or all the intel in call of duty 4 or how to defeat a boss that you have been stuck on for days in metroid are these cheating as well or just needing help? wanted to get some opinions

  163. nathan Reply

    Anyone know any cheats for Farmville?

  164. Praveen Reply

    what is a cheat to raise your sims aspiration level??

    and if you have any other sims2 cheats that would be greeeaat!

  165. skillz Reply

    yee cheats any cheats

  166. Chester Reply

    I got the cheat online. Then i went to options – cheats. When I clicked enter the cheat, entered it, and clicked start it didnt say it was unlocked =S Anyone care to give me a step-by-step guide on how to do this? :)

  167. Gamer959 Reply

    i need cheats for vice city

  168. Xbox Gamer Reply

    does anyone know any cheats for prison tycoon 3 lockdown?

  169. Xedo Reply

    psp cheat…To get to other Islands?

  170. Kristian Reply

    cheat gnome, fill all motives

  171. Kaylla Reply

    A man who has wife cheats on her with a girfriend then he meets another.
    Now having the 2nd gf means he is cheating on his girlfriend ?

  172. che-che Reply

    i need cheats not website just cheats

  173. Dark_LovexXx Reply

    have you ever cheated?
    how did you cheat?
    have you ever been caught cheating?
    what did you do when caught?
    what to do/say when one gets caught cheating in exams,from cheat papers?

  174. Chris R Reply

    be cheated on
    obviously NONE…but just outta curiousity

  175. toysruslover Reply

    i need a lot of cheats for gta 3 plz!

  176. Zanto Reply

    is this true? do you think once your a cheat your always a cheat? or can people change, like if they have cheated on there gf, does that mean there guna cheat on you?

  177. che-che Reply

    how many times have you cheated on ur partner? and did you feel guilty i’m just curious.

  178. Andre Reply

    Do i need to have Cheat File or Program to use cheat in l4d?

    Or i can just type Sv_cheat 1 will do?

    Can you tell me the cheat step if no need to download or install and cheat file or program. Thank you.

  179. Eric Reply

    Please list the the cheats and how to use them with your answer.

  180. liza Reply

    Any club penguin CHEATS

  181. JOHN KAISER PHD Reply

    I am looking for people who have cheated or been cheated on, and have a successful relationship with the person that did the cheating or was cheated on. Did you/they confess? What strain did it put on the relationship? If you were the one who did the cheating why did you regret it and want to continue your current relationship?
    yes i have asked this numerous times, just to get more stories, but after it leaves the first page hardly anyone answers, so i get more answers reposting, lol

  182. Roflcopter Reply

    he cheated on me with three other girls.

  183. Brody S Reply

    i wanna cheat cheat it makes me BETTER THAN UUUUUUUU!

  184. Beavis Reply

    what do you classify as cheating?
    is talking on chatrooms to different ppl men and women cheating? when it just normal talking none of that dirty stuff?
    so talking on yahoo answers about your problems with a relationship is classed as cheating then? as some people say that talking to different people about this is classed cheating ????

  185. kamikami Reply

    What are some CLub Penguin money cheats?

  186. x_blind_x_gamer_x Reply

    I need to find a webkinz cheat for well anything other than giving me more webkinz. I need a webkinz cheat that work’s (meaning it has been tested and succeded).

  187. Wooooody Reply

    i need CHEATS plz…

  188. mavis24 Reply

    Have you been cheated on more
    Have you cheated more

  189. jdfan Reply

    Does anyone have some cheats for ‘The Sims’ on ps2??

  190. alberto s Reply

    Do guys really cheat because they can?

  191. Bryant B Reply

    i wanner know more cheats for dragonfable apart form levling up plzzz

  192. ericmreitz Reply

    i want more fv cash cheats

  193. whitesoxfan2347 Reply

    i need some magesty cheats

  194. Michael K Reply

    someone told me you could survive, like lets say you cut your head with a chainsaw, and I was just wondering if that is possible?

  195. MentallyCryppled Reply

    does it really could some one provide information about this.
    And when jewish boys become men they cut their head off?

  196. Lachlan Reply

    I was watching the last samurai and someone got their head cut off and i would like to know if it hurts and is it possible to be alive for a couple of seconds after it gets cut off?

  197. mmminja Reply

    My sister thinks I should get a long crew cut but I don’t think my head is the right shape for it. I want a haircut that I don’t have to do anything to, just comb it and be done. What should I do?

    I’m getting my haircut tomorrow I think, I’ll tell you how it turns out!

  198. musicistabest Reply

    I dreamed i was being attacked by these zombies there was only a few and they were really slow barely moving , loads of normal people around and after i got away some of these people threatened me with a knife and made me get on my knees so they could check if i was infected

    then they cut my had off , and then things started to fade then i guess i died after that i’m alive with my head reattached by still very fragile i use tape around my neck to help it stay secure and i was terrified of going to sleep in the dream in case i died during my sleep

    Any ideas of a possible meaning ?
    Also to the second poster and any others, you might notice this is in the ‘dream interpretation’ category which is the same as a meaning so why answer questions in this category if you don’t believe they have meanings ? Pathetic.

  199. unbleevable39 Reply

    What would happen if someone gets their head cut off but they were not aware that it was about to happen and it happend really quick, do u think that the person/ head would still be alive for a while because of SHOCK ?

  200. davemc74656 Reply

    About an hour ago my son was walking and he tripped and fell into a cabinet door. He has a bump on the side of his forehead and another one on the side of his head about 2 inches above his ear.
    That bump has a couple cut marks. I’ve been running around after him trying to ice the bumps.

    He’s been acting fine ever since he tripped, he cried for about a minute or so.
    I was so tempted to take him to the ER to get checked out but my street is completely flooded and so are a couple of other streets I wouldn’t feel safe driving. What should I look out for?

  201. Roflcopter Reply

    why do snitchers get their heads cut off in Mexico

  202. Praveen Reply


  203. Maggie Reply

    i think the head

  204. Matthew S Reply

    i have this silly questions that puzzes me everytime i watch a thriller movie? can a person see when his head is cut off? i mean before his sole go into the sky?
    (plz i am serious so i dont want someone say : lets cut your head off and u will get the answer) i think there is a medical explenation

  205. jordenkotor Reply

    Even when i got my ears pierced my face turned pale and everyone got worried. . and my hands are always cold. . and i get light headed/nauseous from a paper cut. . what’s wrong with me?

  206. stingerms Reply

    What hair cut looks good on a big head (male)?
    am a 21 years old guy…and my head is kinda big…and i want a hair that would look good and make it look smaller..i usually just keep my hair really short but i dont think that looks good.

    so any suggestion please or refer me to any website.
    7 hours ago – 4 days left to answer.

  207. Harriet W Reply

    This has been driving me crazy, there was a music video where the people had those cut-outs constantly changing and they were acting out different scenes, just wondering what the cut-outs are called so I can ask another question or search with Google some more for the song that has been driving me nuts for the last 6 years.

    I’m looking for the name of the posters where people put their head in and the poster has things like a lifeguard, or a skier.

    No, I’m not talking about FatHead posters, sorry.

    I’m talking about those posters or walls I should say, that have their heads cut-out and you put your head in and your ‘body’ is doing something different, like surfing or skiing.

  208. PoohBearPenguin Reply

    I cut my head open and its been bleeding a bit. Its now bleeding watery blood like stuff. (i know, gross). Every time i touch it, it bleeds. How do i wash my hair later on because my hair all stuck together from the blood. (its a really small cut, but just a lot of blood) Thanks

  209. Cliffy N Reply

    Before you give a lecture, I know it’s mean and I wish we didn’t have to but there are literally thousands of snakes in our yard and we have tried everything to get rid of them. This is all we can do. We killed a bunch yesterday by cutting their heads off, but today the bodies are still moving, like the tails are moving and it’s really gross. Just wondering if they still live or if it’s just nerves and does anyone have a more humane way to get rid of them? Garter snakes will travel up to 20 miles to return to their birth place so catch and release is not an option here. Help?!

  210. Terrence Reply

    If not what else can i use thanks

  211. Mak Sultan Reply

    My 5 year old Mustang gelding is a great horse who does wonderfully in the saddle and pretty well on the ground. But he always manages to get some minor cuts in his still by presumably itching his head on the stall. The cuts are never big enough to call a vet over, but rather treatable by just putting some ointment on it. Getting the ointment on is a huge fight and he is a very strong horse. The second I go to put ointment on it, he tosses his head up and refuses to let me put it on. I usually have to reach up as high as I can and quickly put a little at a time on between his head throwing. Last time that barely worked. I had someone help me who had been more successful than me in the past, but that didn’t even work. He just kept tossing up his head. Finally, it took three of us to get the ointment on. One to distract him. Me to hold him. And one that alternated with me on putting ointment on his head.

    He doesn’t rear or anything, but throws his head up and backs up a little. What can I do to make life easier when I need to put ointment on a cut of his?
    I’m 17, but I’m only 5’1.

  212. louisewoods1984 Reply

    I go to Walgreen’s photo, use their kiosk with my memory card. Why is it parts of the heads get cut off. I didn’t crop it at all (and there was nothing wrong with the photos I took either with my digital camera).


    i just cut my head and dont know how to properly treat it
    i put a gauze thing on it but its still bleeding a little
    mom not home im home alone unfortunately
    not that hard but on a table so it got cut
    ok it stopped bleeding. bandaid, neosporne, what? idk what to do now

  214. tjpimpin Reply

    I ran to my room in a hurry to put on my pants, and I got my head caught in the zipper, instantly tearing a small piece of skin off leaving a horribly burning pain, and blood is coming out. Will I be okay? :(
    Also, if I get an erection will this cause horrible bleeding?

  215. Keaton Reply

    A few days ago my turtle climbed out of his tank and escaped and i found him by my dresser but he had a circular cut on his head his skin is normally black but it is white where it got cut.
    he is about 6in and the cut is by his left eye and it is about as big as his eye.

  216. Krazy Bob Reply

    earlier today, my mother-in-law & I were hiking & we came across a rattler tail tied to a stick, it was most of the body, just no head. I walked up to get a closer look and it started squirming around and shaking its tail. It scared me haha. anyway how long will it do that for?

    the picture:http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p208/emochildlvr/snake.jpg

  217. mavis24 Reply

    No wikipedia :<)

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